The Sport of Skeleton

The sport of skeleton is complex in its history and its execution. The simple version of the sport is that an individual athlete begins at the top of a frozen track and pushes a sled for up to 30 meters. At the point when the athlete feels maximum running speed is achieved in the push of the sled, he/she then lays on top of the sled and holds on for the ride. Tracks vary in length, amount of curves, and maximum speed according to how they are built. In Lake Placid, the track is a mile in length, there are 20 total curves, and speeds can reach in excess of 75 MPH. The average vertical grade of the track is 9.8%, the vertical drop is 420 feet, and the maximum G forces is 5.1

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Governing the sport of Skeleton and Bobsled is the FIBT. This is the link to their information. Simply follow the tabs located under "Skeleton" -